Killaloe Pathways Park

The Plan

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Intention and Guiding Statement for the Development of KPP

The Killaloe Pathways Park supports the mental and physical well-being of Killaloe and area residents by fostering the intrinsic and reciprocal relationship between people and the natural world.

Who is Killaloe Pathways Park for?

Everyone! Killaloe Pathways Park is designed to accommodate and appeal to people, flora and fauna at all stages of life, and incorporates elements of ecology, food security, literacy, mental and physical health.

The Starting Point

Reading Trail

A Reading Trail is a fun, interactive, educational activity that places enlarged pages from an illustrated children’s book along a 600-metre path or trail. Each reading station (18 in total) presents pages from the story along with suggested activities to further literacy and learning while encouraging physical activity in nature. Books are switched out regularly to encourage new visits and new adventures.

Example of a reading trail station

Fitness Trail

A shorter, 400-metre trail could have up to 10 fitness stations designed by local trainers to provide a balanced routine for the entire body, whether young or elderly.

Picnic Area

The KPP picnic area will eventually include picnic tables, benches, climbing structures, garbage, compost, recycling and dog waste bins.


  • Wayfinding signage to orient people around the site
  • Example of a fitness station

    Bulletin boards/information boards

  • Signage to encourage people to visit downtown Killaloe
  • Sign board(s) for Algonquin content

Plans for the Future

Funding has come from the Healthy Communities Initiative and the Commonwell Insurance Group. There are many ideas for how to move forward with plans for the next phases of Killaloe Pathways Park, but ultimately it is up to YOU to decide what happens next.

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